Former Outpatients Building aka Tuxworth Fullwood House

This building was built in 1942 as an extension of the existing hospital, in response to a pressing need for improved health services for the large military population of the Tennant Creek district during World War Two. It was designed by noted architect B.C.G Burnett and is the only known design by Burnett in Tennant Creek.

After the war, it served for over thirty years as the outpatient’s department for the Tennant Creek Hospital. It is now the only surviving structure from the former Tennant Creek Hospital.

The National Trust restored the building in 1980. It is now known as ‘Tuxworth-Fullwood House’, after Mrs Hilda Tuxworth, M.B.E., and Mr Bill and Mrs Marjorie Fullwood, in recognition of their services to the National Trust.

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Former Outpatients Building aka Tuxworth Fullwood House


57 Schmidt St
Tennant Creek 0860 NT


The property will reopen to the public from 16 August 2020.