Welcome to the 2017 Australian Marmalade Awards

Winter has arrived and the new season’s citrus is available in all good fruit and vegetable stores, or if you are lucky enough, in your own garden, ready for the annual ritual of marmalade making.

Tip of the Day: Buy yourself a brand new jar for your special marmalade. Used jars can leave a taste residue, which the delicate noses of our judges can detect!

Put on your thinking caps, prepare your aprons and large pots ready for action and try your hand at making a tangy citrus marmalade. We have two categories of entrants: Home-made or Artisan / Small Producer. The entry forms are available on this page with all the details of how to enter and what the judges are looking for.
For the home-made competition we have seven entry categories to choose from: Seville orange, Any Citrus, First-timers, Children’s, Marmalade ‘with a twist’, Gardener’s Marmalade (for those growing and using their own fruit) and Mr Marmalade (male marmalistas only).

The Artisan Competition is open to all small commercial producers who make their marmalade by the ‘open pan’ method. This is usually done in small batches using a traditional method. Artisan producers are asked to supply two jars of each type of marmalade, one for judging and one for public tasting at the Australian Marmalade Festival, which in 2017 will be held in the heart of the citrus producing Riverland, at Olivewood Homestead in Renmark. More details on the Festival will follow.

We have discovered that there is an infinite variety of marmalade to make and taste. In last year’s competition marmalade entries ranged from the classic Seville Orange (some say that this is the only ‘true’ marmalade) to spiced blood orange and port savour, or lemon, honey and ginger. The winning home-made entry at the inaugural Australian Marmalade Awards in 2016 was a ‘Pina colada’ marmalade and the winning artisan entry ‘Orange and Whisky’. Delicious! We can’t wait to see what mouth-watering combinations you can come up with this year!

Are you up for the challenge?



The Competition was launched at Ayers House on Sunday 28 May and  is now closed. The judging will take place at the end of August and the prizes and awards presented at the Australian Festival of Marmalade at Olivewood Homestead, Renmark, on Sunday 3 September. Information on the Festival is available at olivewood.renmark@gmail.com or on Mob: 0400 741 533 / 0417 814 374.

If you have any general enquiries about the competition please contact us at marmalade@nationaltrustsa.org.au or ring us on (08) 8202 9200.


Happy Marmalade making!

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