2018 Australia’s Champion marmalade makers announced!

The winners of the Australian Marmalade Awards were announced on Sunday at Beaumont House as part of the Festival of Marmalade.  Jane Hasell-McCosh of the World’s Original Marmalade Awards UK, and Stephen Downes, Head Cook of Beerenberg, presented the awards to a packed audience.


Home-made Competition

From almost 200 home-made entries the champion home-made marmalade maker for 2018 is

Beverly Harper of Coromandel Valley



The following people also won gold awards for their marmalades in the home-made competition

Bill Knight

Mark Dale

Ken Bradley

Patricia Gavin

Kianlip Ng (Joe)

Reuben Kooperman

Warren Prewer

Mike Steele

Bev Harper

Artisan Competition

From 80 entries in the artisan completion the champion artisan marmalade maker is

Davia’s Kitchen from the Riverland



The following businesses also won gold awards for their marmalades in the artisan competition

Davia’s Kitchen (Renmark SA)

 Tarra Valley Foods (Rosedale, VIC)

Larder and Spade (VIC)

J.B. Shackleton’s (VIC)

Fiaje (SA)

Borne in Bathurst (NSW)

Illa Langa Farm Preserves (NSW)


For more information about the Australian Marmalade Awards please contact us by phone or email.

Telephone enquiries: (08) 8202 9200  or

Email  marmalade@nationaltrustsa.org.au


UK Marmalade Awards


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