We are seeking your support towards completing the conservation of an extraordinary painting in our collection. It is an oil painting from the La Trobe’s Cottage collection of La Trobe’s father.

The large painting of La Trobe’s father, Christian Ignatius La Trobe (1758-1836) is by Thomas Barber (1768-1843). Christian Ignatius La Trobe followed his father into the Moravian church. He was also a musician and composer, a friend of Haydn, and was significantly influential in disseminating the European classical style of church music in Britain. He became secretary of the international Moravian church in Britain and was a promoter of its missionary activity. He was a supporter of William Wilberforce’s anti-slavery movement, but was unable to take an active part due to the church’s policy of not meddling in politics.

This painting and another of La Trobe’s grandfather Benjamin La Trobe (1728-86) were donated to the Trust by La Trobe’s grandson, Captain Charles La Trobe.

Funds raised by generous supporters early in 2023 have paid for the conservation work to the Benjamin La Trobe painting, which is now back hanging at La Trobe’s Cottage. The conservation work to this painting of Christian Ignatius La Trobe has almost been completed, however our conservator has discovered more damage to the gilt surface of the frame than expected.

We are seeking additional funds to pay for the re-gilding of the frame.

This conservation work will greatly enhance its appearance and will ensure that it is looked after into the future.


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