Twitter allows you keep up with individuals or organisations that interest you, like the Australian Heritage Festival!

At the Australian Heritage Festival we use twitter to keep in contact with you with the public to entertain you and keep you updated with all the latest news and events.

Twitter also allows you to follow other organisers, talk to them and get to know their events.

Why not become part of our growing Twitter community? To make ist simple we have put together a 3-step guide to getting a Twitter account.

  1. Click here:
  2. Fill in your name, email address, choose a password, username and click on ‘create my account’.
  3. Click ‘next’ to begin your 60 second twitter induction (or skip it if you prefer).

Step 1: Begin building your address book by searching for ‘Australian Heritage Festival’ and clicking ‘follow’. Search for other similar organisations in your local area and State or territory.
Step 2: Find well known people and international organisations you would like to follow.
Step 3: Find and follow your friends.
Step 4: Upload a photo and biography.
Step 5: Post your first tweet!

Some tips to get you started:

  • Posting on twitter is called ‘tweeting’; each tweet allows max 140 characters.
  • You can add links by copying and pasting a URL, which will be automatically reduced by Twitter to 20 characters.
  • You can ‘re-tweet’ (RT in Twitter jargon) someone’s post to get it noticed. If you wish to include other people in your tweet/re-tweet, add their address e.g.
  • Hash-tags are used to group tweets together. You can create them or use those created by others, depending on what discussion you wish to be part of e.g.
    #bookfair or #australianhistory.
  • Building your address book and following others for a while is a good way to start until you find your own Twitter voice.

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