Winner of the 2017 Heritage Awards Adaptive Reuse category, State heritage listed Temora Railway Station was given a new lease of life, once again playing a central role in Temora’s social fabric.

A state of disrepair

The Temora Railway Station had fallen into a state of disrepair, due to long term disuse following closure of the passenger services at Temora in the c1980s.

A group of concerned representatives from Temora Shire Council worked together with John Holland Group. The group evaluated future alternative uses to get the building back to a usable state for the community.

Temora Shire Council involvement

During these discussions, it was decided that the Temora Shire Council would enter into a lease agreement to self-manage the railway precinct for a period of 10 years.

Temora Shire Council sought funding through the Office of Environment & Heritage Major Works grant programme and was fortunate to receive $100,000 towards the building works.

Both the Temora Shire Council and Transport for NSW contributed towards the project financially ($50,000 from Transport for NSW) and both provided in-kind services.

Temora Railway Museum Historical Committee

The newly formed “Temora Railway Museum Historical Committee” had a strong contingent of members. The members of this committee are made up of rail enthusiasts, ex-rail employees, present employees and local historians.

The active Temora Railway Museum Historical Committee is continuing with the interpretation of the remainder of the railway site. Interpretation includes workers cottages, mills and the site of the ex-turntable, plus any folklore or quirky rail stories.

The committee had a vision of developing an interpretive walking track, which incorporates interpretation signage and beautification (i.e. plantings/seating).

This continued foresight and planning has resulted in the committee receiving a grant from the NSW State Government Heritage Near Me Funding of $53,500.

The Temora community relishes on this adaptive reuse and have returned a once vibrant location back to its former glory. Temora Shire is very proud of this unique adaptive reuse!

What the Judges said:

“After years of disuse and disrepair this building has been reactivated. With funding help Temora Shire Council has provided a youth centre, visitor facilities, exhibition and performance area as well as a railway museum in this outstanding building.”

Temora Railway Station was a 2017 NSW Heritage Awards winner in the Adaptive Reuse category.