Royal Bull’s Head Inn – Year 2

When Royal Bull's Head Inn at Drayton was the centre of the town, life was much different from today.

Through the context of the Royal Bull’s Head Inn, Drayton, and some of the personalities connected with it, students will explore, recognise and appreciate the history of their local area by examining the remains of the past and considering why they should be preserved.

The history of the Royal Bull’s Head Inn can be divided into three key periods to facilitate student investigation and learning:

1. The period from 1847-75 when the Royal Bull’s Head Inn operated as an hotel and tavern
2. The period from 1879-1973 when it was used as a family home and post office (until 1952)
3. The period from 1973 to the present when it has been owned by the National Trust and operated as a museum.

Key themes that are the focus of the accompanying work programs are:

– the building’s function as a community hub throughout its history (inn, post office, museum)
– changes in technology over the period of the building’s history (e.g. cooking, washing, transport)
– the role of museums and heritage places in our society
– the contribution of individuals and groups to the development of Australian society (e.g. pioneers, explorers, pastoralists)
– the development of colonial society and the Australian colonies (e.g. the expansion of the Darling Downs and the development of Toowoomba).

The National Trust has prepared an Australian Curriculum Work Program, in the History subject area, that relates to Royal Bull’s Head Inn.

Year 2: Royal Bull’s Head Inn School Program


The following resources are available :

Introduction for teachers

Year 2: Pre-visit worksheet

Year 2: Technology Worksheet

Year 2: Timeline Worksheet

Year 2: Poster worksheet