Grandchester Railway Station – Year 5

Through the context of the Grandchester Railway Station, students will explore the history of the development of railway in the colonial period.

The program is centred on Grandchester Railway Station , which in 2015 celebrated its sesqui-centenary, but also takes into consideration of the Station’s collection of items and the work conducted by those who worked on the railways in Queensland, such as station staff and line personnel.

The advent of rail is explored as a significant development in Queensland. Grandchester Railway Station is admirable placed in this regard as the first terminus of the first railway line in Queensland.

The final focus is on the role played by those who have worked for Queensland Rail since the 1860s and the part they have played in developing the state through making transport of people and goods easier. Significant immigration in the latter half of the 1800s was of labourers willing to undertake the sometimes arduous work and difficult living conditions involved in creating the rail network.

The program includes nine sheets in the form of fact or work sheets. Each reflects the location and history of Grandchester Railway Station in some way, or its collection.

The program is designed to be used without a visit to the Station. Grandchester Railway Station is open to visitors one Sunday each month. Grandchester is not open to week day school tours.

Year 5: Grandchester Railway Station School Program

Year 5: Grandchester Railway Station School Program Teacher Notes


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