Once beautifully conserved and restored, Como will be reimagined

Como House rose from the Yarra, the mighty Birrarung, with its walls made of bricks pressed from Birrarung clay and stone from its banks. Como House is the living evidence of spirit of place, held up by the materials from which it grew for 175 years.

Not only the original house of the Brown and Armytage families, it is also the founding property of the National Trust in Victoria. Our founders, Robin Boyd and Sir Daryl Lindsay, worked tirelessly with the community to purchase Como in 1956 to prevent those bricks from being demolished. Embedded in this purchase was everything that we have fought for and achieved over the past 65 years.

Over the past two years, the Como Trustees and National Trust of Australia (Victoria) with the assistance of the Victorian Government, have been working to reveal Como’s bare bones, as a step towards restoring her former glory when she first rose from the banks of the river. Fragile bricks have had years of multiple paint layers removed, walls constructed of rare Yarra stone have been revealed, slate roofing has been meticulously restored and chimneys repaired. The journey has begun to fully conserve Como both externally and internally, to ensure it remains iconic and emblematic of our community’s respect for heritage.


Be a legacy maker and join with others who care about Como

This is your invitation to be a part of Como’s continuing story, to demonstrate that Como matters as an icon of what is culturally significant, important and relevant in our everyday lives. We cannot do it alone and sincerely ask for your help. Como’s legacy, created by the generosity of others, is now our shared responsibility.

We invite you to become legacy creators. Join with us to touch the hearts and minds of future generations who will be grateful to those passionate citizens who cared enough to contribute. Give future generations the opportunity to experience and to have their lives enriched by this place – a place called Como.


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Como Works

Como House is in the midst of significant restoration and conservation works to preserve its structures and garden so that future generations can enjoy the estate’s beauty.

CEO of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), Simon Ambrose, said he is delighted to see the revitalisation of such a significant heritage site. 

“Como House and Garden is a cultural and historic icon of Melbourne. With the restoration works at full steam ahead, guests will truly be transported back to the lives of Victoria’s 19th century elite,” said Mr Ambrose.  

“While focusing initially on the foundation and structural repairs, Como House will also receive an external and cosmetic upgrade, including its expansive gardens”.


The National Trust gratefully acknowledges the contribution of our supporters


Ms Lee Liberman
Mr Barry Janes & Mr Paul Cross




Mr Paul Bangay OAM

Ms Patricia Cross

Mr Paul Meadows

Mr Ken Harrison AM

Mr Hunter Johnston

Dr Sandra Rees

Ms Vicki Cole

Mr Ted Allen

Ms Sandra Costa-McMahon

Krystyna Campbell-Pretty



Mr Barry Janes and Mr Paul Cross

Ms Patricia Cross and Mr Paul Meadows

Mrs Elizabeth Cunningham

Mrs Meredith Evans

Mrs Julie Gunnerson

Mr Chris Holland

Mackenzie Family Foundation

Ms Sandra Costa McMahon & Mr Stephen McMahon

Mr Paul Meadows

Judy Morrison Memorial Fund

Mr Gordon Moffatt

Mr Keith & Mrs Beth Moxham

Mrs Alison & Mr Geoff Nash

Nigel & Patricia Peck Foundation

Mr Roderick Rowe

Ms Kristin Stegley & Mr David Vivian

Ted Allen

Fred Grimwade

Marianne Latham


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