Sharing the National Trust’s Art and Heritage Collection Online

NTAV’s Collections & Cultural Projects Team are excited to announce that you will soon be able to access the Trust’s Art and Heritage Collection online through Vernon Browser. This project is part of an exciting collaborative partnership between the National Trusts of Victoria, Western Australia, and Queensland.

Vernon Systems offers highly sophisticated software for museums and cultural organisations worldwide to manage and share their collections. Vernon CMS (Collections Management System) was purchased by Victoria, Western Australia, and Queensland in 2020. Vernon CMS was a significant upgrade from previously used collections management systems that had become outdated and were no longer fit for purpose.  

In a first for the National Trust, Vernon Browser will link with our Vernon CMS, providing an online platform for us to publish selected data from featured collections in the Art and Heritage Collection. This will be a valuable tool for researchers, students, supporters, and members of the public throughout Australia and overseas to access and view the National Trust’s collections.  

This exciting project has been in development for several years and we hope, in time, that other National Trust states will join our shared Vernon system to continually expand our online collections offering. Keep an eye out on our NTAV social media channels for updates on when the Browser site will go live, so you can enjoy remotely accessing the Art and Heritage Collection. 



Vernon Browser is also an engaging way to demonstrate the work involved in caring for and preserving a significant Art and Heritage Collection and the importance of maintaining accurate record keeping through a collections management system. Our object records are constantly being reviewed, maintained, improved, and enriched. For Victoria, projects like our volunteer Big Community Cataloguing Project (BIG CCAT) are an important way for us to continually catalogue and digitise our collections. It is vital that this important work is supported to ensure that our significant collections are valued, shared, and cared for into the future.  



Visitors to the browser will be able to search collections throughout Victoria, Western Australian, and Queensland. Search results can be filtered using specific key words, listed terms or colours. Visitors can also add comments for us on specific objects – offering valuable insight into a particular object’s provenance, manufacture, or use. 

The NTAV would love to hear from you if you are interested in joining our BIG CCAT volunteer team. Please email us on to find out more.  


Michelle Derrick


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