Archaeology programs for life-long learners

Have you ever wanted to learn more about how archaeologists study the past? NTAV Education now offers several different programs that allow you to experience archaeology for yourself at two full-scale simulated archaeological sites.

Archaeologists are time travellers who use the everyday items of the past to build portals through time and space. Through these windows, we can visit landscapes hundreds, or even thousands, of years old and the people and cultures that they supported.  

Time Detectives: Cold Case was launched in 2023 at two simulated archaeological sites at Como House and Barwon Grange. Participants ranged in age from four to eighty, and enthusiastically immersed themselves in learning some of the foundational skills of archaeological investigation, analysis, and interpretation relating to two historic cold cases. 

Under the guidance of the Dig Director, the Dig Team was introduced to archaeological methodologies, tools and techniques and learnt how to apply these to the simulated archaeological site. The Dig Team collected, recovered, analysed, and interpreted archaeological evidence, questioning different hypotheses along the way, and presented their evidence to the rest of team. Together, a case was made for the theory that best fitted the evidence. 

NTV Education’s life-long learning programs are tailored for budding archaeologists of all ages, including curriculum-based school programs, school holiday programs, quarterly sessions for the public, and professional development sessions for teachers.  

Find out more and book your school group into our Archaeology Education programs here. 


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Guest writers

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