The National Trust of Australia (NSW) Act 1990 requires the annual rotation of six (6) elected Directors. As a member of the National Trust of Australia you are invited to elect six Board Directors at the Annual General Meeting.

The following items are enclosed in your Voting Pack to enable National Trust Members to vote for the Board of Directors for 2019:

  • Ballot Paper: one (1) for individual members, two (2) for joint members.
  • A Candidate Information Pack: providing information on each Board Director candidate standing for election, including qualification, reasons for seeking election and their nominees.
  • Envelopes: inner envelope(s) to contain your ballot paper, and an outer envelope for postage.

You will also have received a Proxy Appointment Form in the event that you cannot attend the Annual General Meeting. This must be submitted separately to your ballot form.

To ensure your vote is counted, your completed Ballot Paper must be received by the Returning Officer at the National Trust by Friday 22 November 2019 at 5pm.