Webinar Series | Heritage: What you didn’t know

Hear from a series of professional industry speakers on a range of topics designed to broaden your understanding of heritage. This webinar series will cover topics including what are the common misconceptions about heritage, what does archaeology actually look like today and why is heritage relevant in combating climate change?

Each webinar will be held online via Zoom. Please register for the series here. Recordings of each talk will be made available after each session.

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Webinar Session 1 | Common misconceptions of heritage

Friday 19 April 2024, 2.00pm

Presented by Steve Campbell-Wright

This webinar episode aims to resolve some of the common misconceptions of heritage, such as:

  • The heritage protection system is complicated.
  • State heritage is more important than local heritage.
  • Heritage is always old and just buildings.
  • When a place or object is identified as heritage, it cannot be used or changed anymore.
  • Heritage buildings cannot be sustainable.

Steve Campbell-Wright is the Alternate History Member on the Heritage Council Victoria. Steve is a cultural historian with particular interest in the influence of place on the culture of organisations and communities. He is a respected researcher and author on subjects ranging from built heritage and military culture to automotive history.


Webinar Session 2 | Archaeology and heritage

Friday 26 April 2024, 2.00pm

Presented by Jeremy Smith

It has been known since the years of the Little Lon excavations of the late 1980s that layers of well-preserved archaeological remains survive beneath the modern city of Melbourne.

However, recent discoveries have shown that parts of the city contain ruins and artefacts that have been preserved in extraordinarily good condition.  New research, and new investigative technologies, have revealed the same level of preservation found in Melbourne may also exist in other Victorian towns and cities, including the historic Goldrush centre of Ballarat. Heritage Victoria’s Principal Archaeologist, Jeremy Smith will talk about how these exciting new discoveries are continuing to transform our understanding  of the State’s heritage.

Jeremy Smith is Heritage Victoria’s Principal Archaeologist, and is an Honorary Fellow in the Classics and Archaeology Discipline, at the University of Melbourne. He has worked on archaeological sites in the Middle East and across Australia. He has published widely on the subject of the Victoria’s historical archaeology, with a focus on the archaeology of Melbourne.


Webinar Session 3 | Heritage and combatting Climate Change

Friday 3 May 2024, 2.00pm

Presented by Maddi Moore

This webinar episode will discuss how heritage relates to climate action with a focus on what the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) is doing respond to respond to Climate Change.

Maddi Moore is Advocacy Strategic Manager at the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) and Coordinator of the NTAV Climate Action Plan 2021-2023.


This webinar series is proudly sponsored by the Heritage Council Victoria

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