The Edina Estate Tour and Tea

Located in Waverley in Sydney’s busy Eastern Suburbs, Edina is described as ‘one of the grandest private houses surviving in Sydney from Colonial times’, yet few people know of this historical gem, hiding in plain sight. Tour this historical gem and enjoy morning tea.

Beautifully preserved by the Methodist / Uniting Church since it was transferred just over 100 years ago for use as the War Memorial Hospital, this showpiece from the late Victorian era is rich in pictorial art, ornamentation and garden features.

Only very recently opened for group tours, enjoy a two-hour presentation and tour of Edina with Michael Waterhouse, a great-great-grandson of Ebenezer and Jeanie Vickery, and author of a new book, ‘Family, Faith and Fortune in Victorian Sydney’.

As a family member and through his extensive research, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and unique perspective to the story of Edina as he provides insights into the lifestyle of the estate and the families who lived there in its opulent heyday. There were 24 children living on the estate, many of whom went on to become renowned in their fields, including Gowrie Waterhouse of Eryldene.

Morning tea following the tour is included.

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125 Birrell Street, Waverley, New South Wales

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10:30am – 1:30pm, Sunday 19 May

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Adults $ 65, Members $ 55
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