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National Trust Heritage Polaris

Come and make tracks in the Capital as teams of 2 riders take to the cycle paths, forests and roads seeking out a choice of heritage and other interesting checkpoints in a seven-hour (or shorter 3.5-hour) event that is open to serious riders, recreational riders, families and teams of all ages

The National Trust Heritage Polaris is a seven hour navigating and cycling event where teams of two must find their way around a series of control points spread throughout Canberra. Each control point is given a point value that team accumulate during the day. The team with the most points at the end of the seven hours is declared the winner. However, time penalties apply for teams that return late. Successful teams will require good tactics to ensure they visit enough control points while allowing themselves time to return to base without incurring too many penalties. Despite its competitive undertone this event is not a race and has broad appeal that suits everybody from those teams who will endeavour to reach every point to those who see it as an opportunity to have a day out riding with friends and taking in areas of Canberra they may not otherwise visit. Don’t have 7 hours to spare? Why not consider our new option for 2023 the Half HP – half the time but still 100% of the fun!

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NSW Crescent, Barton, ACT

Sat 01 April 2023 6:00am to 4:00pm

Entry fees:
Adults $ 90, Children $ 0.00
Prebooking requiredhttps://heritagepolaris.com.au
Attendance limit:
Onsite facilities: