Mount Sugarloaf Reserve

Enjoy the extensive walking trails and visitor facilities of this 39 ha volcanic reserve on the very edge of Camperdown township. Nestled in the heart of the Nationally Significant Mt Leura and Mt Sugarloaf Volcanic Complex - a nested maar - this site has been extensively revegetated since 1995.

Saved by National Trust and other community campaigns from quarrying in the early 1970’s, the Mt Sugarloaf Reserve is testament to the passion of people for our volcanic environment. It adjoins the Mt Leura Reserve making a total of 50ha to explore; including bird watching, other wildlife and the panoramic vistas of the surrounding Victorian Volcanic Plains from the two very accessible volcanic peaks. Learn about the amazing revegetation project and its successes, the volcanology, cultural history and much more.

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Mt Sugarloaf Reserve, Mount Leura Road, Camperdown VIC

Djargurd wurrung Country


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