Historic Photo Exhibition

Step back in time during the Moyne historic photo exhibition! QR codes will be scattered around the Shire, located at select historic places and buildings. Bring your smart device along, scan the QR code, and be transported to the past to see how our Shire looked way back when!

The historic photo exhibition for the Australian Heritage Festival will give viewers a look into the past with thirty historic photos linked to QR codes around the Shire. The QR codes are printed on A4 signs located outside of select historic places and buildings. Simply find a sign, scan the QR code with your smart device, and be transported to the past to view a historic photo of the place or building!

The QR codes will be available throughout the duration of the festival from 18 April to 18 May 2024. They will be located in public spaces, easily accessible for everyone to get involved. Can you find all thirty signs?

If you’re interested in spending a little more time in the past, continue to explore the historic photos on the Victorian Collections pages linked to the Port Fairy, Koroit, and Mortlake Historical Societies.

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Self-guided. Available daily.

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Try to find all thirty QR codes scattered around the Shire! Think of historic buildings and places in your town. Bring your smart device to scan QR codes!