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National Trust Heritage Festival :: Journeys

2015 National Trust Heritage Festival


Saturday 11 April - Tuesday 26 May 2015

Commemorating all conflict and how it has shaped our identity.
Sharing our extraordinary stories of conflict and compassion.
Realising the impact of all conflict on our identity.

The theme for next year's National Trust Heritage Festival is Conflict & Compassion. As you are aware, the theme is just a guide for inspiration and it is not mandatory to have an event with the theme. Conflict and Compassion, ties into the centenary of the ANZAC's, and is open for interpretation.
The dates for next year's festival are from Saturday 11 April - Tuesday 26 May 2015. We brought the festival back a week so we can have events during the school holidays. This will be our 35 consecutive year celebrating the festival. The festival is a free listing of all heritage related events, (built, natural and cultural) from April- May and is published in a free events guide which is distributed across NSW. The aim of the festival is to celebrate and promote our unique heritage, our place, stories, towns and our history's, that have made us who we are.
Some of the most extraordinary stories of courage and compassion come from the horror of conflict and strife. Help the National Trust share the human side of war and rebellion, sacrifice and endurance, during the 2015 National Trust Heritage Festival.
We encourage all Australians to start a conversation about how our identity and heritage has been formed by conflict and compassion.

We will let you know closer to the date when to submit your events.

Thank you for participating in our 2014 Heritage Festival. It was our most successful festival yet, with 324 organisations participating in a wide variety of heritage related events. There were 40,000 printed copies of the festival guide distributed throughout NSW, and we were in demand for more.

Our PR for the festival was worth approximately $325,000 with 250 articles written, spreading to an audience of 10,000,000. We have had feedback that families on more than one occasion especially travelled to towns to celebrate the events advertised.

Please fill out an event evaluation form so that we can make next year's festival even more successful. We are open to your input and will take it into consideration for next year's festival.

Please fill out the Event Holders Evaluation Form >>

Discover the new National Trust Heritage Festival website!

Search for Festival events online, make your own Festival itinerary, register for the Festival competition, invite friends along to events, share Festival events on social media and much more!

visit www.nationaltrustfestival.org.au

Australian Heritage Week

Complementing the New South Wales Heritage Festival is Australian Heritage Week which runs from 13 - 21 April 2014. This national annual event celebrates the places and stories that make Australia and Australians special. The week is about:

raising public awareness of the importance of conserving and protecting our special heritage places, our rich Indigenous heritage and the diverse historic sites that together reflect our development as a nation
encouraging communities and organisations to host a local heritage event or activity
providing an opportunity for all Australians to join together to celebrate our shared and special heritage

The Australian Government supports the New South Wales Heritage Festival through funding and promotion of events on the Australian Heritage Week website.

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