The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) is deeply saddened by the significant loss of life and impact to our natural and cultural heritage during this time of crisis, and continues to monitor the bushfire activity in the State.  

We are fortunate that no National Trust properties have been lost or damaged at this stage, but our thoughts are with our members, staff, volunteers, and communities across Australia who are affected by these events.   

The National Trust extends its sincere gratitude to the outstanding work of the Country Fire Authority, State Emergency Services, volunteers, animal welfare and the many community groups who remain on the front line.  

We thank them for their dedicated and ongoing efforts, and look forward to working in collaboration with other organisations in the future to provide assistance in repairing and strengthening our State and our people. 

In the coming weeks and months, the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) will be working with other organisations to understand the extent of damage and destruction to our cultural heritage.  

As we turn our focus to long-term recovery, the National Trust will also work to connect our members and supporters, and all custodians of cultural and natural heritage places, with resources and advice to assist with long-term conservation and restoration.  



Australia ICOMOS

Australia ICOMOS has links to ICOMOS guidelines on first aid for cultural heritage, risk preparedness and post trauma recovery of heritage. Click here to find out more.

Blue Shield Australia

Blue Shield Australia has a list of resources to support the salvage and recovery of fire-damaged collections. Click here to find out more

Australian Institute for the Collection of Cultural Material 

The Australian Institute for the Collection of Cultural Material (AICCM) has a helpful guide to salvaging precious fire-damaged possessions. Click here to find out more.  

Australian Institute of Architects 

The Australian Institute of Architects has provided full unrestricted access to a number of its Acumen practice notes relating to bushfire risk, fire and disaster recovery, and pro bono work, to support architects across Victoria to aid communities.  

Architects Assist 

Architects Assist, supported by the Australian Institute of Architects, has established a register of architects who can provide pro bono services to communities that need to rebuild.  Click here to find out more. 


Rapid Assessment Form for Heritage Places

Australia ICOMOS and Blue Shield Australia have prepared a simple rapid assessment form for fire impacted places that can be adapted and used by heritage professionals or council officers undertaking an assessment of the damage to heritage places. Click here to find out more. The rapid assessment form has been designed to be completed by council officers or heritage professionals rather than owners to save from further trauma. Australia ICOMOS is happy to take feedback on the form and update it as necessary. Click here for their contact details.



Regional Arts Victoria  

Regional Arts Victoria has established a Quick Response grant program to support exceptional cultural opportunities and creative recovery projects in areas affected by the 2019-2020 Bushfires. Grants of up to $3,000 will be available throughout the year.  Click here to find out more. 



Over the coming months, we will be working to record significant buildings, trees, gardens, and landscapes that have been affected by fire, and provide support and guidance to affected custodians and communities. We need your help to identify what has been lost. If you’re aware of a place on the Victorian Heritage Register, a local Heritage Overlay, or the National Trust Register, or simply a place that has historical significance to your community – that has been damaged or destroyed – please let us know by emailing or visit the resources below. 

You can search the Victorian Heritage Database for the most comprehensive database of registered non-Aboriginal heritage places in your area. Search here. 

You can search the National Trust’s Register of Significant Trees at our Trust Trees website to find recognised significant trees in your local area. Search here. 

For enquiries about places of Aboriginal cultural heritage significance, contact Aboriginal Victoria. Contact here.