The Saumarez Homestead “Grounds Hound” Children’s history trail provides an integral part of any Stage 1 Paddock to Plate school excursion to Saumarez concentrating on the Past in the Present (History K-10 Stage 1 HT 1-2, 1-3 and 1-4). The Grounds Hound history trail keeps the children focussed as the move around the grounds and helps maintain their concentration on what they are experiencing.

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Teachers need to allow for no less than three hours on site to complete the Paddock to Plate excursion including the Grounds Hound History Trail.

School Children are divided into groups of no more than twelve students.

The students are given the GROUNDS HOUND TRAIL sheet, which is explained, and is completed during the time spent in both sections of the property.

One group begins the tour in the Playroom for a welcome and explanation of the activity.

The second group begins the tour in the Farm area near Milking shed, then walks down the hill towards the Thomas House.

Group 1


Preliminary introduction in the PLAYROOM, then walk to front of House and commence the tour, with students seeking mystery objects in each room visited and Hound Trail answers in the lower level of the interior of the House and the Garden.

After a recess break and toilet stop at the Saumarez Centre the group walks to the Milking Shed to commence second section.

Group 2


After a preliminary introduction at brow of hill, the group moves to the Milking Shed and then continues down the hill towards the Thomas House.

In the Thomas House they search for identity of people from items found in rubbish boxes and suitcases.  Next they go to an excavation site and dig for and identify objects buried in archaeology site and try to assess what they were used for and whether the objects were used by children or adults.

The group then return to Saumarez Centre via Stables and Blacksmith’s worksite.

The Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society Armidale Branch funded the printing of the Saumarez Homestead “Grounds Hound” Children’s history trail so all proceeds of its sale go towards helping to maintain Saumarez Homestead for current and future generations.

The Saumarez Homestead “Grounds Hound” Children’s history trail shows that exploring heritage with the National Trust can be a wonderful way for them to learn about their culture and traditions, share a great time with parents and grandparents or keep them engaged while on an excursion with their schoolmates.

The Saumarez Homestead “Grounds Hound” Children’s history trail is a treasure hunt that takes families around the grounds at Saumarez and it really gets the children’s imagination going. Families purchase a copy of the “Grounds Hound” Children’s history trail worksheet with questions and clues that guide them all around the 10 hectare historic farm outbuildings, gardens and homestead surroundings including part of the original house, stables, wagon shed, barns and gardens.

Once the children have completed the challenge using the highlighted letters from their answers they fill in the puzzle boxes at the end of the worksheet to discover who is in the final picture.

They then take the completed answer sheet to the Saumarez shop and claim their prize which is a wonderful photo of the White family children and their friends playing in a child’s pram.

Families sometimes wonder if their children will enjoy a visit to historic Saumarez Homestead. Once they come and do the Hounds Trail as well as fit in a guided tour of the main homestead and have a picnic in the grounds or enjoy the food and drinks at the Saumarez Cafe, they are reassured that they have had a wonderful day out.