I am physically fit, in good health, and adequately prepared to participate in this event. I will withdraw if I succumb to any injury or illness from which I have not fully recovered by the time of the event.

I realise that I am participating in this event entirely at my own risk, which means that the South Australian National Trust and its officers, representatives and agents (and all persons directly or indirectly involved in promoting or conducting the event) are not liable for:

* Injury, illness or death, or any damage, loss or misfortune which may occur to me or others as a result of my participation.

* Any consequential or indirect damages or any other form or relief whatsoever for any acts or omissions of National Trust and /or its officers, representatives or other persons involved directly or indirectly in promoting or conducting the event or activity, arising out of or in connection with the event or activity even if the acts or omissions were foreseeable, whether such damage or loss occurred as a result of negligence or otherwise.

I consent to the free use of my name and images of me in any broadcast, telecast, print publication, email or web page by the organiser, or any contractors or suppliers engaged by the organiser, in relation to the event.

I agree to obey the published rules and conditions of this event, as well as any other rules and conditions announced to participants on the day of the event.

I further consent to National Trust disclosing my name, registration number and email address to the event photographers to facilitate them emailing me a link to my photos.

None of these terms applies if it contravenes any statute.