• Bring ticket on paper or mobile phone as check-in will be electronic
  • You may start walking as soon as you have checked in and received your lanyard
  • Take your mobile phone with you in case of emergency
  • Carry a map: download and print, or pick one up at the start (in the trail leaflet)
  • At some corners there will be volunteers to warn you of on-coming traffic and to direct you. These volunteers will not stop traffic.
  • If you decide to drop out please text the event safety officer or tell a volunteer. We need to know that you are safe.

Hahndorf start information The bridge crossing over the Onkaparinga River is very dangerous because there is no footpath.  Police will be in attendance from 7.30am and they will stop the traffic if necessary.

  • There will be blue arrows on the ground between Hahndorf and the official start of the trail at the bottom of Silver Road.
  • If you plan to run, be aware that you may go past the water stations before the volunteers have arrived. There will be no marshals to stop traffic; you must be very careful crossing roads.
  • Watch out for blue trail markers with PWT logo.

Be Aware

  • Stay on marked trail to avoid causing environmental damage
  • Be mindful of other people who are using the trail

Phytophthera cinnamomi

Phytophthora attacks the roots and stems of susceptible plants and causes them to rot.

Help to prevent its spread by:

  • Staying on the marked trail.
  • Brushing soil off your shoes/boots at the stations provided.
  • Not taking them home to clean.


  •  Avoid dehydration: bring 1-1.5 litres of water with you.
  •  Bottled water will be provided at Bridgewater, Davenport Road, Pomona Road and Eagle on the Hill.
  •  Wear sturdy walking shoes or boots, and a hat and sunscreen if it is sunny.
  •  If, for any reason Cleland National Park and/or Mount George Conservation Park are closed on the day the event will be cancelled.   Participants will be informed at the start locations and at Beaumont House.
  •  Event will also be cancelled if high temperature is forecast (35 celsius or above) or if other extreme weather conditions are forecast.
  •  Be aware that the trail is uneven in some places and can be slippery if it has been raining. There may also be hazards such as fallen tree   branches.
  •  If you decide to drop out please inform a volunteer so we know you are safe.

If the attendance of qualified first aid personnel is required contact the Safety Supervisor to arrange it.

On Event Day:

First aid: provided by First in Sports First Aid; They will move from Stirling to Eagle on the Hill then Beaumont House as the walk progresses; identified by tear drop banner, red first aid t-shirts and name badges.

Minor injury – walk to nearest road and phone safety supervisor who will send the first aid officer to attend

Serious Injury – ring 000 and then advise the safety supervisor. Reassure patient, keep them warm and do not give food or drinks. Someone should stay with the patient. Somebody should go to nearest road to direct paramedics to patient. Paramedics will decide on appropriate method of evacuation.

If there is an emergency that requires evacuation of the Parks:

  • Arbury Park: Participants will evacuate via Old Mount Barker Road at the Deanery;
  • Mount George CP: Participants will evacuate via Mount George Road and Mount Lofty Golf Course
  • Cleland NP: Participants will evacuate at Measdays Lookout or Gate 14, Eagle on the Hill, Princes Highway