The National Trust of South Australia has made an application to the Magistrate’s Court to assist in the resolution of its dispute with the State Government regarding the eviction notice issued a month ago in respect of its long-term tenancy at Ayers House.

Orders were made this afternoon extending the National Trust’s current tenancy to 30 September 2021 with a court hearing scheduled for 20 September.

While The National Trust has approached the Court for assistance the parties have been able, for the moment, to agree a way forward without the need for the Court to intercede.  The National Trust is desirous of resolving the further concerns in a constructive and co-operative manner and would be pleased to engage in a more formal mediation to that end.

The National Trust exists to protect historic architecture and artefacts for the benefit of all South Australians.  The Trust has built and maintained the Ayers House museum over the course of 50 years at the invitation of the State Government.  We are focused on an outcome that reflects the need for care in dealing with historic architecture and artefacts in keeping with our charter.

We greatly appreciate all of the public support we have received in recent weeks.

In three weeks, the online petition to keep the National Trust at Ayers House has already gained almost 5000 signatures at: