M/FW x VAULT Upcycling Initiative

Don’t miss our next runway event at VAULT Block Arcade as part of the 2022 Melbourne Fashion Week.

Melbourne-based fashion designers were invited to choose a pre-loved garment from the collection to upcycle it into a new, wearable piece to be showcased on the Block Arcade fashion runway on Friday 14 October at 12.30pm.

Buying second-hand is the most sustainable choice fashion lovers can make, and the National Trust is championing this movement through its VAULT Upcycle initiative. This continuation of the Block Arcade’s Lunchtime Runway series shows how vintage garments can take on a whole new life.


Upcycling Q&A

Why is upcycling important? The fashion industry overproduces products by 30 to 40 per cent and has huge environment impact amongst many things. We believe vintage fashion and upcycling can enable people to tap into the trends without always purchasing new items.

Shouldn’t vintage items be preserved? There is definitely a place for this – and our NTV collection is where we save our best pieces for future generations to enjoy. However, if using vintage pieces to create something new means more people shop second-hand, then the benefits possibly outweigh the downsides You’re preventing something from becoming waste and stopping yourself from buying new by shopping this way.

What are some benefits from upcycling with vintage fashion? The quality and craftsmanship is often much higher than what you see today. It also celebrates the past designers of Melbourne and Australia and allows their work to live on in a new way.

What led to the M/FW x VAULT Upcycle Initiative?

VAULT has been doing runways every few months since our opening in November 2021. It’s a way of showcasing what we have in-store to a potentially new and younger audience. It’s also a nod to the old 80s runway events in The Block Arcade – bringing a tradition back to this beautiful old building.

We had an 80’s wedding dress that just wouldn’t sell so we gave it to Oscar Keene who upcycled it into a fabulous new piece. It sparked the idea for this MF/W event!

Is upcycling here to stay?

Yes! Especially with sustainable fashion being at the forefront of many people’s minds. Talented designers like the nine we have taking part in this event have really shown us what’s possible when you combine something old and something new. It’s an exciting time! 


Event Details

When is the M/FW x VAULT Upcycle Initiative event?

Friday, October 14 from 12:30-1pm

Do I need a ticket for this free event?

No, just come along and enjoy!

What time should I arrive if the show starts at 12:30pm?

We recommend you arrive by 12:15pm to find a great spot to view the runway.

Can I buy the designer garments on the day?

You can buy direct from the Runway. You can put your name down on a wait list with our lovely VAULT staff.

Can I take them home with me too? Or will they be cleaned first?

Garments will be available to try on in store from 2pm on the Runway day. Each garment will be checked and steamed before coming onto the shopfloor.

What are the prices of the designer garments?

Dependent on each designer. Proceeds will be split between the National Trust Victoria and the designers.

What else can I find at VAULT at the moment?

We change our floor stock quite regularly. Currently three of our favourite pieces are a beautiful 1969 Pierre Balmain evening dress. A handmade 1930’s cream silk wedding dress. And we are loving a large selection of Sandra Forrester designed and made hats – perfect for spring racing!

What is the average price of garments in-store?

Around $100 dollars across all our garments. However the price does change depending on its history.

What is the range available at VAULT?

Millinery, costume jewellery, coats, outfits, shoes, bags, belts, scarves and other accessories across both menswear and womenswear. We also have beautiful Italian Silk scarves from Andrea Ward that capture the iconic mosaic Block Arcade floor. And Melbourne designed and made hats from Sandra Forrester.

Where do VAULT’s pieces come from?

The National Trust of Victoria is gifted donations of pre-loved designer pieces, and garments of outstanding quality, and vintage pieces by the public.

Where do funds from the sale go?

They support NTV continue its work as Victoria’s premium community-based heritage advocacy organisation, and to actively protect and conserve places and items of heritage significance for future generations to enjoy.

How does NTV decide what is sold and kept for its collection?

Quality pieces that are historically and culturally important go into the NTV’s collection where they safely stored.

How can I donate to VAULT?

You can bring items in-store, or contact our team vault@nattrust.com.auto organise a viewing and collection.

Can I see the NTV collection?

From time to time, we display pieces at events at our National Trust properties such as Rippon Lea Estate and Como House.


The Designers



Oscar Keene


Chelsea Hickman

Yarra Youth

Penthouse Denim

Decadent Label

Qin Wang


Runway Team

Who are the models? Models are booked from Melbourne based Model agencies.

Who is the photographer? @emshortphoto

Who is doing makeup and hair? Make up – Daniel Tan ( @danieltanmakeupartist ) Hair – Nic Santoyo ( @nicsantoyohair )


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