Z Ward Letters

These letters are historically plausible but are works of fiction and should be read as such.

They were written in 2021 by Sam Kuhl, a creative writing intern from Flinders University.

Educators are invited to download the letters and share them with their students.

Printing them out and putting them into envelopes is recommended-the materiality of the paper, different fonts, stamps and handwriting makes them visually pleasing, and gives a sense of the time span the letters represent (1891-1963).

Each letter comes with a character profile, writer’s note and envelope.

Letter 1: Robert the Warden
Letter 1: Envelope

Letter 2: William Wheaton the Madman
Letter 2: Envelope

Letter 3: Upset Mother
Letter 3: Envelope

Letter 4: Shell-shocked Soldier
Letter 4: Envelope

Letter 5: Mild Mannered Psychotic
Letter 5: Envelope

Letter 6: Warden treating the insane
Letter 6: Envelope

[Podcast] Our Town

Our Town is the first podcast from the National Trust of South Australia.

It captures the authentic voices of our communities who share stories about their place. In 2019, the National Trust of South Australia initiated a project to collect audio recordings for its inaugural podcast program by introducing members of our branch network to new ways of documenting and sharing precious local stories. With the help of a Positive Ageing Fellowship Grant from the Office for Ageing Well, SA Health, we have been able to work with many regional participants.

The stories were researched, narrated, and recorded by participants using a range of storytelling and audio techniques. New digital skills have been discovered and shared, and will continue to be developed as our Branch members expand their podcasting expertise.

You can listen to all episodes here or by searching National Trust Our Town in Spotify, Google Podcasts & Apple Podcasts

Have a story to tell? Explore how to make your own podcast with our Once Upon a Podcastseries: Storytelling tips to make your podcast shine.

Download the accompanying worksheets to help kickstart your story.

Once Upon a Podcast: Setting worksheet 1

Once Upon a Podcast: Setting worksheet 2


New Dimensions in Heritage

A cross-curriculum project that involves I.T visual arts, history and critical and design thinking.

In 2016, the National Trust of South Australia teamed up with Makers Empire and students from Sturt Street Community School to use 3D modelling software to explore and appreciate heritage architecture and design.

This video captures the essence of the project. Take inspiration from it and adapt the program to meet your needs. Models can be made using 3D software or plasticine.

Download the visual glossary, field notes and design proformas that we developed to support educators.