Historic Rail Trail Terms & Conditions

National Trust Heritage Festival

Historic Rail Trail Bicycle Tour

Date: Saturday 15th May 2021, 6.45am to 10.30am

Start / Finish: Yarrawonga Village car park, 5 McKenzie Place, Yarrawonga   Enter off Yarrawonga Road opposite Gateway Shopping Centre or via Wallaby Holtze Road. 

Route: Yarrawonga Village to Wishart Siding.

Sealed bike path to Coolalinga, thence gravel and dirt track near Stuart Highway to Wishart Siding (just north of Arnhem Hwy turnoff). Total distance 30km return.

Information for Riders

Participants must attend the ride brief at 7.00am sharp at Yarrawonga Village carpark before the ride.

  • The event is a no-drop ride. While participants must have experience and fitness required for the 30 km round trip, including difficult terrain, the group will go as fast as the slowest rider. Expected speeds will be 20-22 km/h on sealed path and 15-17 km/h on dirt. If any technical issues occur with bikes the group will wait until this is either rectified, or the rider is able to call for help.
  • There is no sag wagon, and any rider unable to complete the ride due to fitness, technical issues with the bicycle, or injury must be able to call for assistance. There is space for one or two people in the tour leader’s vehicle, but not for bicycles. Participants will need to retrieve their bicycle themselves following the completion of the event if they choose to continue in the lead vehicle.
  • In an emergency an ambulance will be called by organisers at the participants’ own expense.
  • Riders must be over 16 years and have an Australian Standard and intact helmet (no cracks). Covered shoes are highly recommended.
  • Riders must bring their own spare parts and basic tools – no assistance provided to repair a puncture or other technical issue.
  • Riders must bring sufficient water for 2-3 hours of riding in the heat. While the event is held during the cooler morning hours of the early Dry season, it can still be very humid. Water can be purchased at the Yarrawonga Village before 7am – there are no other opportunities to access water along the route.
  • It is recommended that riders bring any food or snacks required as there are no opportunities to purchase food along the route. Food, snacks and coffee are available before and after the ride at the Yarrawonga Village.
  • Participants are encouraged to stay for coffee at the Yarrawonga Village after the ride, particularly if they have questions, as time will be limited during the ride at each stop.

Note: A second ride under the same arrangements will be offered on Saturday 22 May if the 15 May is fully booked.