Can anyone do the walk?

Yes, indeed, we encourage all people to participate in this event.

Starting times – How does this work?

The event will have a rolling start so as soon as you have checked in you can commence walking. Please arrive at your selected start location (Hahndorf, Stirling or Bridgewater), or arrive at Beaumont House if you have pre-purchased a bus transfer ticket. Please bring your ticket – either on your phone or printed.


Ticket overview

Can I purchase a ticket for a transfer to the starting location from Beaumont House?
Yes, you can. These buses cost $12.00 and must be pre-booked online at
Buses will leave from Beaumont House (631 Glynburn Road, Beaumont) to take you to your start location in the morning.
“Buses to Hahndorf” departing from 7.15-7.45 am
“Buses to Bridgewater” departing from 8.45-9.00 am
“Buses to Stirling” departing from 9.45-10.15 am

Is there a bus to take me to my car at the end of the walk at Beaumont House?
Yes there is. This ticket option is “Return Bus.” These buses cost $12.00 and must be pre-booked online at
Buses will leave from Beaumont House at 1.00 pm & 2.30 pm, and visit each location in Hahndorf, Stirling and Bridgewater to drop passengers off.

You can also register your preferred return bus time when you finish the walk at Beaumont House.

Can I run instead of walk?
Yes, we welcome runners as well as walkers; however, be aware that:
• There will not be a truck to carry packs from your start location to the finish at Beaumont House, but we may be able to organise someone to take them. Please check with organisers.
• There are four drink stations along the way (Bridgewater, Davenport Road, Pomona Road and Eagle on the Hill). However, these may not yet be set up when you pass them if you are fast.
• Marshalls direct walkers; they will not stop traffic.

Is there a map of the route?
Yes, you can download and print one from our website via the link Trail Map or you can pick up a leaflet on the day.

Is water provided anywhere?
There are water refilling stations at Bridgewater, Davenport Road, Pomona Road and Eagle on the Hill.

Are there toilets along the way?
There are public toilets and/or portaloos located along the trail on the day.
Bridgewater: Bridgewater Oval and The Deanery;
Stirling: Service Woman’s War Memorial in Pomona Road, and Steamroller Park;
Eagle on the Hill: Measday’s Lookout at the start of the Bullock Track;
Beaumont House: In the car park.

What is happening at Beaumont House at the end of the walk?
We have organised live music, food stalls, coffee, wine and cider is available on the day. Feel free to meet your friends and family and have a picnic on the gorgeous lawns.

Can I take my dog with me?
The walk is unsuitable for our furry friends so we ask that you keep them at home this time.

How far should I walk?
This depends on your level of fitness. Be aware that the trail is fairly rough in some sections. The walk takes:
• From Hahndorf about six hours.
• From Bridgewater about 5 hours.
• From Stirling about 3 hours.

Is it suitable for a wheelchair or pram?
There are some fairly rough sections which would be difficult for a wheelchair or pram to negotiate.

What happens if the weather is bad?
The event will be cancelled if high temperature is forecast (35 Celsius or above) or if other extreme weather conditions are forecast. We will advise you of any cancellations or amendment to our event.
It will not be cancelled in the case of rain, but you should take extra care on steep sections of the track which may be slippery.

Will I be told if there is a problem in the Conservation Parks?
If, for any reason Cleland National Park and/or Mount George Conservation Park are closed on the day the event will be cancelled. You will be informed at the start locations.
Please refer to the Trail and Safety Information leaflet for what happens if there is an emergency that requires evacuation from the Parks.

If the walk is cancelled what happens to my payment?
Should the Pioneer Women’s Trail Walk event be cancelled, it will be left to individual participant’s discretion as to whether they wish to have their registration donation refunded.

What happens if I, or one of my group injures themselves?
There will be a first aid officer on duty throughout the walk. Your lanyard upon registration will have the First Aid Officer details.
We also have a First Aid kit located at Beaumont House.

Please refer to the Trail and Safety Information provided prior to the event and on the lanyard you will receive on the day for what to do in an emergency.

What is my payment used for?
Event management; for example, purchasing lanyards, paying first aid officer, printing leaflets, marking the trail. Any funds left over after the event support the National Trust of South Australia in protecting our culture and heritage.