On renewal of your membership,  of the National Trust of Australia (Queensland) you now also have the opportunity to become a member of the Company at no extra fee,  and have the right to vote on resolutions tabled at Annual General Meetings and also participate in annual Director Elections.

This change occurred at the 18th November 2017 Annual General Meeting when amendments to the Company Constitution were successfully passed opening up the opportunity for ALL members of the National Trust of Australia (Queensland) to also become members of the Company under the Corporations Act.  You will have the ability to attend and vote on resolutions at general meetings, usually, one per year called the Annual General Meeting (AGM) usually held in November each year.

This change is not retrospective and members prior to 18 November 2017 do not automatically become members of the company.

As we are a public company limited by guarantee, our Constitution provides that in the most unlikely event of the National Trust of Australia (Queensland) Limited being unable to pay its debts, its current members would each be liable to pay, as a guarantee, a maximum sum of $5.00.

We are therefore required to inform you that to become a member of the Company, you must complete the form acknowledging the liability for the guarantee amount.




Should you wish to learn more about this please contact Ben Graziani – National Trust of Australia | Chief Financial Officer | bgraziani@nationaltrustqld.org

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