During our 75-year history of the National Trust (NSW), we have protected all facets of heritage for all generations and educated the wider community about the cultural value, role and wonder of heritage. The National Trust has, with the support, passion and persistence of our generous patrons, donors, members and more than 10,000 volunteers, cared for and preserved more than 30 properties.


For many of you the National Trusts holds its own unique value – where our story has been intricately woven into yours. It is the mark of an organisation made by its people, reflective of community values and lined to a strong sense of place, past and evolving culture.


The National Trust (NSW) continues to be as relevant in 2020 as it was in 1945 and we welcome you to our state-wide celebrations from April to November. We are throwing open our doors and welcome one and all, with free access to our event weekends and activities across the state showcasing the very best we have to offer.


Join us to celebrate heritage and bring our stories to life.