Immerse yourself in a world of miniatures

The world's largest miniature art exhibition is on show in the ballroom at Como House, 5 May to 23 July 2023

The world’s largest miniature art exhibition is on show in the ballroom at Como House, South Yarra. The Giant Miniature Art Exhibition (GMAE) includes over 800 miniature masterpieces created by more than 215 artists from 20 countries around the world including the USA, United Kingdom, Israel, Colombia, Ecuador, Poland, Finland, Moldova, Spain, Mexico, Lithuania, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Philippines, Czech Republic, South Africa, Bangladesh, and Italy. On average, one in four entries has come from artists living outside Australia.  

Every artwork is a true miniature with a fixed dimension of 25mm x 38mm, roughly the size of a postage stamp. The miniature nature of each piece has not prevented the artists from exploring a range of mediums, from oils to ink and everything in between. Participating artists are drawn from international art and painting societies and GMAE features a special exhibit of 46 miniature artworks from members of the renowned Twenty Melbourne Painters Society. 

The artists have all generously donated their artworks to support the work of the National Trust and every artwork is available for purchase. Do not miss the opportunity to acquire a miniature masterpiece! Prices start at $55, including postage. The top 100 artworks, as determined by the judges, can be purchased through an online silent auction via the National Trust website. The reserve price for each of these artworks is $100. 

National Trust of Australia (Victoria) Director Wayne Degenhardt is the coordinator and the driving force of this extraordinary exhibition. He has liaised with artists, catalogued the entries, framed the works, and produced Small Wonders – a book documenting the project and featuring a selection of artworks from the exhibition. 


“The Trust is delighted to present its second exhibition of miniature art which has apparently set a record as the world’s largest miniature art exhibition. This exhibition is an incredible opportunity for artists from all around the world to showcase their talent and creativity in miniature art, and we are pleased to provide this platform,” (Wayne Degenhardt, 2023)  


First launched in June 2021, the inaugural GMAE had its genesis in the Trust’s major exhibition Doll House: Miniature Worlds of Wonder. The 300+ artworks received were displayed as an adjunct exhibit within Doll House. As a result of the enormous interest shown by artists and the viewing public, one of the Trust’s major donors, keen to see the exhibition continue, generously donated sufficient funds to cover the future cost of the exhibition infrastructure and prizes. In recognition of the GMAE’s artistic merit, the biennial Giant Miniature Art Exhibition and Art Prize has now been established, generously supported by Gordon Moffatt AM, as a fundraising initiative for the National Trust. 

GMAE 2023 offers two prestigious awards for the involved artists. The first is the Gordon Moffatt Miniature Art Prize awarded to the ‘Best in Show’ artist. The second award is the People’s Choice Award given to the artist whose artwork receives the most votes from the viewing public. The Judge’s ‘Best in Show’ award is yet to be determined and the winner will be announced via Trust social media. 

Enjoy the GMAE, borrow a magnifying glass at the exhibition, marvel at the tiny brushstrokes, vote for your favourite artwork and take the opportunity to purchase a miniature masterpiece and support the work of the NTV.

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