Mitchell Drysdale is a keen photographer of native wildlife at Gulf Station. This is Mitchell's story in his own words.

My name is Mitchell and I am 9 years old.

Why are you taking pictures of birds at Gulf Station?

I take pictures of birds at Gulf Station because the birds at Gulf Station are very interesting.

I think Gulf Station is very interesting. What interests me the most is the old buildings and the way we make rope.

Do kids like old places like old farms?

Yes. kids love to see old places like Gulf Station and see things that are very old.

What birds have you seen at Gulf Station?

At Gulf Station you can find rare birds such as the Boobook Owl and also common birds such as starlings and Welcome swallows.

How often do you go to Gulf Station?

I can not remember the first time I went to Gulf Station but it is a very fun place for kids. We do heaps of fun activities ssuch as making rope and sack races. My mum worked there when she was pregnant with me.

How important is Gulf Station?

I think it is important for other kids to see this fantastic place.




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