New for 2020, we’re pleased to announce we are introducing a new award for projects that seek to promote understanding, appreciation, conservation and/or awareness of Aboriginal heritage. More details coming very soon!


Adaptive Re-Use

For projects that complement and utilise existing heritage fabric, re-purposing and new developments which are sympathetic to the traditional uses of a site and its structures and which protect the heritage integrity.


Conservation – Built Heritage

For projects that relate to conservation of our built heritage including capital works and repair. Such projects may include buildings, structures or sites, urban precincts, commercial items, places of worship, houses, interiors, additions, industrial heritage, infill or collections.


Conservation – Landscape

For projects that relate to the conservation of our landscape heritage including management and conservation. This includes natural, urban and cultural landscapes; Indigenous and non-Indigenous.


Education and Interpretation

For projects that serve to educate about or interpret our heritage in an engaging way. This may include curriculum-based educational projects and resources, and specific interpretation projects relating to a place or item.


Heritage Resources and Publications

For any resource that promotes the conservation of our heritage. This may include publications, research, websites, videos, archaeological resources, heritage guidelines, fact sheets, field guides and heritage studies, both in print and online.


To recognise the extraordinary commitment of a community group and/or individual who have pursued the protection and conservation of key heritage places, items or objects.


Conservation – Interiors and Objects

For projects that relate to the conservation of historic interiors and objects. Movable objects are included in this category.


Continuing Tradition

For projects that continue tradition through new design, construction and development.


Heritage Events, Exhibitions and Tours

For events, exhibitions and tours which emphasise and promote education, interpretation and community engagement in heritage.


Lifetime Achievement (Nominations welcome)

For an Individual who has given special service to heritage conservation.


Heritage Skills (Nominations welcome)

For a volunteer, teacher, professional individual or apprentice who has demonstrated the application of craft skills that have been key in repairing or adapting a heritage site.


CATHY DONNELLY MEMORIAL (Nominations welcome)

For an outstanding female heritage professional.


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