Discover more of the city’s fabulous, forgotten and sublime places.

Adelaide Heritage Tours and Walks

Explore and discover Adelaide’s CBD in a daily program of guided walks and tours.  Learn about Adelaide’s Art Deco period, explore remarkable transformations of heritage buildings, hidden stories that lie within unremarkable buildings, grand residences and many more stories …


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Adelaide Heritage Tours and Walks

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Adelaide Heritage Tours and Walks highlights

North Tce: Cultural Boulevard

Explore Adelaide’s political, cultural, and educational institutions, as well as grand residences, established along this classic nineteenth century boulevard.

Sacred Glass

Adelaide’s collection of stained glass windows is among the most diverse and interesting in the country. From the precious stained glass that arrived with the first settlers in 1836, to the Stock Exchange’s Federation windows.

Z Ward behind the walls

Go behind the walls of the notorious Z Ward at the former Glenside Mental Hospital. For almost 90 years it was home to those classified as “criminally insane” on the overlapping edges of criminality and mental illness.