The Trust Talks are a series of speaker events that provide up to date, relevant information, discussions and debate about heritage conservation in Australia.

The Trust Talks aim to open the doors for Innovation, Collaboration and Celebration of our heritage. Each talk showcases some of the heritage industry’s brightest talents, who join us to examine the issues involved with protecting, conserving and celebrating our built, natural and cultural heritage.

On the 21 September, the National Trust of Australia (Queensland) premiered the first of the Trust Talk where we explored the topic of Finding the Room to Breath: Managing the Setting of Heritage Places in our Crowded and Expanding Cities. 

The first event attracted nearly 70 people and was held at the beautiful United Service Club in Brisbane.  Guests enjoyed drinks and canapes, a chat with colleagues and an evening of fascinating talks by our two presenters, Dr Andrew Sneddon and Dr MacLaren North from Extent heritage about the settings of heritage places and why they are important.

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of our inaugural ‘The Trust Talks’; United Services Club Brisbane and Extent Heritage Advisors.