St John’s Old Cathedral, Kalgoorlie and Maritana Buildings

St John’s Kalgoorlie is open every day to the whole Goldfields community. We invite you to help us keep it open for everyone.

St John’s was built in 1906, and it became the Cathedral for the newly-formed Diocese of Kalgoorlie in 1914. From 1973, Kalgoorlie once again became part of the Diocese of Perth, and the “Old Cathedral” is one of our treasures.

For history buffs, there is the First World War memorial with hundreds of names of the “Diggers” from the Goldfields who served King and country.

For lovers of art and architecture, there is  the beautiful Ascension stained-glass window and a remarkable painting of the story of Jesus’ Presentation at the Temple as a baby by renowned artist FWW Topham.

Were you one of the many babies baptised here? Were your grandparents married here? Perhaps an ancestor’s funeral was held here?

Like so many Western Australians, did you connect with St John’s when you spent time working in the Goldfields? Are you part of the little congregation of Anglicans who still love to worship here week by week? Or do you simply love our beautiful building, and want to help preserve it?

Please give to the National Trust sponsored restoration appeal for St John’s Old Cathedral. Your gift will help to fix the cracks, steady the foundations, repair the brickwork, and do all the other vital restoration work that will keep our building as a treasure for today and tomorrow.

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

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