St John’s Lutheran Church, Aberdeen Street, Perth

St Johns is a church building that is steeped in heritage. It was the wonderful vision of Perth’s founders that has given us an iconic church so close to the city, built with great attention to detail in 1936.

So many of us have been there for special celebrations or events, including weddings, baptisms, confirmations and funerals.

Timeline of significant events

1936: St Johns church is built at 16 Aberdeen Street, Perth
1970s and 80s: Land resumed for tunnel / hall built
2006: Tunnel completed / additional land purchased
2013–15: St Johns Court construction
2017: Heritage grant obtained and Conservation Management Strategy completed, Ron Bodycoat Architect, 54 pages
2019: Building Condition Assessment Report, Peter Baxendale Consulting Engineer, 22 pages
2020: Quotes obtained for restoration work
2021: Fundraising plan – National Trust tax exempt fund confirmed
By 30 June 2021: Heritage grant notification, work can begin

As with all structures there is a maintenance component essential to keep the building safe and pristine.

Church council has flagged over the last three years that restoration work is required. A Heritage Grant in 2017 helped to pay for a Conservation Management Strategy, which outlined a building condition assessment and recommended maintenance works.

This report emphasised the need for a structural assessment of the Church building, and a geotechnical survey of the plot. We received a Heritage Grant towards the end of 2018 to fund 50 per cent of the structural assessment.

These investigations continued in 2019 and 2020 and confirmed that works must be done to repair and restore the building.

Estimated costs of repair and restoration works

$ 72,500: Major masonry repairs (helibeams, helibars)
$ 6500: Engineering Consultant
$ 2000: Site works
$ 5000: Render
$ 20,000: Painting
$ 9000: Carpentry (damaged timbers)
$ 7000: Ceilings
$ 3000: Roof
$ 25,000: Contingency

Total: $150,000

We are now in a position to begin this work before the end of this year.

There is not enough money for us to fund this work from our current income and the Church council has endorsed a $150,000 fund-raising appeal to support the restoration works.

Please contribute to the appeal to help us repair and restore this iconic church.

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

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