Heritage Register Archive

With more than 10,000 files on buildings, trees and landscapes, the National Trust Heritage Register Archive is a rich source for researchers, and contains correspondence, newspaper articles and photographs collected since 1956.

Each place or object classified on the Heritage Register has an archival file that contains historical material, media articles, photos and sometimes plans. You can search the Heritage Register  online for some record online here.The information held on file will vary and copyright and privacy regulations apply. Please note that the National Trust is a private organisation and retains the right to withhold any confidential material. These files are available to members, as well as researchers including students, consultants, and members of the public.


Access to the Heritage Register Archive is by appointment only. This service is free for members. Non-members can join at the time of their scheduled appointment, and the joining fee will be waived (a $35 saving). The following fees applicable to non-members:

Personal Research                            $25.00

Student                                                    $25.00

Government                                         $25.00

Commissioned Research              $50.00

Commercial Publication               $50.00

Researchers are required to complete an access form on arrival. Digital cameras are permitted, but copyright and other restrictions must be discussed with staff before images are made. Photocopying and scanning is available but will be done by staff for a small per page fee. Material cannot be removed from the reading room and rules to protect the material, such as not allowing water or food into the reading room, must be followed.

Reproducing Archival Material

If you would like to publish material from the Heritage Register Archive you need to obtain written permission. The National Trust is able to provide high-quality reproductions of material for publication on request, for a nominal fee.


For appointments and enquiries contact Felicity Watson, Senior Community Advocate, on 03 9656 9818 or at conservation@nattrust.com.au.

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