Holy Trinity Anglican Church Roebourne

The Holy Trinity Church in Roebourne was completed in 1895 and is both the oldest stone building and oldest Anglican Church in the North West region.

The Church is closely linked to the development of Roebourne and the pioneering families of the North West, particularly the Sholl’s and Withnell’s, who were instrumental in allocating land and raising funds for the construction of the Church. Additionally Bishop Riley, who went on to become the first Archbishop of Perth, consecrated the Church in 1896.

Holy Trinity Church is not only a landmark in Roebourne, but is also a testament to the courage and perseverance of the early settlers. Settlers who were adept in building a structure capable of withstanding the countless number of cyclones that have wreaked havoc on the region and destroyed the previous Church that stood on the site of the current Holy Trinity Church.

While the Church is no longer used for regular services it still holds significance for the people of Roebourne due to its historical associations and its standing as a place of commemoration for the early pastoralists in the North West region.

Please help the National Trust support the community in raising funds to conserve this important place by making a donation to the Holy Trinity Anglican Church Roeborne Heritage Appeal. Please contact the Rev. Richard Goscomb via wickhamchaplain@bigpond.com  All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

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