East Perth Cemeteries

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East Perth Cemeteries sits on Whadjuk Noongar Country in an area known as Martellup, on a sandy hill overlooking Western Australia’s capital city.

In 1829 this was the site of the first colonial burial ground in Perth, when a general cemetery was established. This was followed by six more of different denominations, plus one for felons, until the closure of the eight cemeteries in 1899. More than 10,000 people who died in colonial Perth are buried here, from the wealthy and prominent to the poor and unknown.

In the middle of the Church of England Cemetery stands a simple Gothic church, designed by colonial architect Richard Roach Jewell. Built in 1871, St Bartholomew’s is the only example of a mortuary chapel constructed in Western Australia. It became a parish church in 1888 and was almost doubled in size after extensions in 1900. Despite a period of neglect, St Bartholomew’s is still a consecrated church and is used for church services, weddings and other religious events.

Since the closure of the Cemeteries, the majority of the grave headstones and markers have been lost through decay, neglect, vandalism and well-intentioned ‘cleanups’. The remaining 800 however, now cared for by the National Trust, offer a unique opportunity to tell and explore stories of bravery, tragedy, illness and accident, of success, suffering and loved ones lost.

Conservation priorities

The wood, marble, slate and stone of the remaining gravemarkers have been subject to the extremes of our harsh climate, to a fire in 1920 that burned for two hours, and well-intentioned inappropriate repairs.

Your donation can help us conserve the remaining precious memorials and ensure there is a future for our past.

Careful conservation under the watchful eye of our own heritage experts will ensure the graves at East Perth Cemeteries will continue to remind us of the people they were erected for so many years ago.

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