Thank You from Larrakeyah Branch

Our Anna has decided to retire from Afternoon Tea at Burnett House and we are still looking for a volunteer coordinator to oversee this important fundraiser that assists our efforts in maintaining Heritage properties. If you know of a willing volunteer who would like to manage this task, we would love to hear from you.

As a trial, two of our committee members, Christine Millowick and Frieda Evans, decided to run a “Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea” at Burnett House.

Our Afternoon Tea was a great success but it would not have been possible without the assistance of many of our wonderful volunteers.

Frist to arrive were Roger Davey, Louise McKeith, Vikki McLeod and Judy Richardson who turned up early to set up tables and chairs for our guests.

Next to arrive were our tea and food preparers, waitresses, washer uppers, raffle sellers, money takers and meeter and greeters.

So thank you to Maxina Parkes, Tami Grealy, Dee Preston, Nen Nen Chin, Kathryn Chandler, Anne Davis, Liz Davis, Joan Moore, Bill Porte and of course Christine Millowick, Frieda Evans and Judy Richardson who carried on from the first shift.

Nearly all our guests arrived at once and we all ran around taking orders for food and delivered them to the kitchen for Kathryn and Dee to prepare food and drink. So a big thanks to Kathryn and Dee who had a big task on their hands, the kitchen was a very busy place.

Everyone did a multiple of tasks, filled in where necessary and helped to pack up at the end for which everyone was very thankful.

Thanks to Frieda and Christine who organised everything and to Frieda who took away all the washing!

Thank you to Nen Nen Chin who made her tasty hummingbird cake and a very green pandan cake which, I had many queries on what a pandan cake was – my first answer was “a green cake”. I believe that it is made with pandan leaves which is what makes the cake bright green and it has a sponge-like texture. It was a big success and disappeared very quickly.

Thank you also to Anne Davis who baked the cake that was raffled and to her sister Liz who sold heaps of tickets.

The Larrakeyah Branch of the National Trust (NT) is very fortunate indeed to have such a wonderful crew of volunteers.

If you know of a willing volunteer coordinator who would like to oversee this important fundraiser, we would love to hear from you!

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