The National Trust's suite of property publications and books about our people and places offer a fascinating breadth of information.

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Georgiana's Journal

Much loved colonial journal of one of the first settlers where millions live today. Her genteel yet candid voice introduces Port Phillip as a rustic outpost-before prosperity, culture and urbanisation put Melbourne on the map.


Polly Woodside - Melbourne' Tall Ship

The story of Polly Woodside was one of adventure, danger and hard work – life typical of a small 19th century sailing ship. What is not typical is that this ship still survives.


The Story of Rippon Lea

Rippon Lea was a cherished family home to two families who collectively spent nearly 100 years living on the estate. This book details the property, people and the battle for the preservation of Rippon Lea.
28 page book illustrated throughout.


The Story of Como

Como House and Garden was built in 1847. The ninety five year occupancy by one family provides a rich insight into the social history of Melbourne's upper class.


Labassa - A Grand Victorian Mansion

Labassa is in Caulfield Victoria. It has a striking romantic facade and opulent interiors which reflect late 1880s grandeur and Victorian taste and elegance.

This 32 page book tells the story of the 19th century gold boom mansion, the men who created it and its rescue by the National Trust.