Penola Telegraph Station and Post Office

The Telegraph station was officially opened on August 13, 1860 and the Post office built in 1876.

The telegraph station was built by contractor, George Pannell following a petition signed by fifty people from Penola and the district. The petition for the the telegraph station was presented to the House of Assembly on 14th June 1859.

Officially opened on August 13, 1860 the first telegraph stationmaster and occupant was Terrance A Woods, brother of Father JET Woods. Mr William Attiwell who was initially appointed to the two positions of telegraph stationmaster and postmaster became the postmaster when they were combined in 1868.

The Post Office was built in 1876 as the ‘post office’, a term which by this time embraced both letters and telegrams. When the telephone came to Penola in 1908, it too was included in this building. The new post office replaced it in 1963.

Both buildings were purchased by the National Trust of South Australia in 1972 and have had various uses since then. They are presently both leased, the telegraph station as a private residence and the post office as Jill’s Vintage, previously in Wilson Cottage, Petticoat Lane, selling vintage clothing, accessories and bric-a-brac. Also, crochet items by local textile artist, Trevor Smith.

Opening hours: 10am – 4pm Thursday to Sunday or by appointment.

Phone number: 0438 112 000

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Penola Telegraph Station and Post Office


Cnr Riddoch & Church St
Penola 5277 SA

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