Cobdogla Irrigation Museum

The Cobdogla Irrigation Museum focuses on the area's irrigation history, particularly the unique Humphrey Pumps.

The Museum is full of interesting exhibits, engines and pumps, tractors and machinery from a past era. With the focus on Irrigation History in general and the unique Humphrey Pump in particular, it also concentrates on the early development of the Irrigation Areas of the Riverland and the machinery used in that developmental stage. The Humphrey Pump, known as Big Thumper was invented by Mr H A Humphrey and is an internal combustion pump.The two pumps at Cobdogla, placed adjacent to each other on a common foundation, provided irrigation water for the Cobdogla Irrigation Area for 40 years until 1965. Only one pump was used at a time, the other pump acting as a standby.

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Cobdogla Irrigation Museum


Trussell Terrace Cobdogla 5346 SA


The Museum is open for a number of major operating days throughout the year when The Humphrey Pumps are able to be toured and their operation explained. As well as train rides and the viewing of all exhibits.

(08) 8588 2289
Entry Fees:

For Operating Days: Family $40.00, Adults $20.00, Pensioner $15.00, Child 5 to 15 $10.00, children under 5 free. Static tours at other times. Guided tour $5.00 head. Train rides $5.00 head