Avondale Farm Cottages

Unwind and reconnect with nature with a stay in one of our three short-stay accommodation cottages.

Bring family and friends and experience the Avon Valley’s rolling agricultural landscape while enjoying a weekend disconnected from city life. Explore the local district during the day and come back to the peace and big open night skies at night.

Avondale is about 12kms west of the Wheatbelt town of Beverley and 22kms south-east of York.

See, Do, Explore

There is plenty to do on-site from strolling through the various farm buildings in the historic settlement area to investigating changes in technology and local ingenuity in the Avondale Agricultural Museum.

There is a bush reserve to explore, accessible via the farm’s drive trail with impressive views across the Wheatbelt. Signage throughout the settlement and reserve gives you information about buildings, plants and other aspects of the history of the place.

There is a picnic area with barbecues and play equipment.

Beware. This is still a working farm and machinery is in use all year round.

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