We are proposing a revision to the National Trust (NSW) Rules.

National Trust Rules – Explanatory Statement

The Rules were first issued in 1960, since then the Rules have been amended three times (1978, 1979 and 1990) and were last approved in 2010. The Rules have served the National Trust well, however the Board have identified a number of amendments to respond to changing legal, philanthropic and digital environments. The proposed amendments modernise the Rules and align with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) governance requirements for not-for-profit (NFP) organisations. The ACNC was established after the last review of the Rules. The Rules have been drafted, in response to the complex organisation that is the National Trust, by lawyers, Makinson d’Apice who have extensive experience in the NFP sector, with significant input from the Board of Directors.

The key amendments to the Rules include:

  • The Rules have been simplified and modernised to align with current governance standards.
  • The Annual General Meetings (AGM), Board and other National Trust meetings can be convened virtually. For AGMs and General Meetings this will enable state-wide participation and increased accessibility.
  • The Rules allow membership to be granted to volunteers who complete the approved hours of service, so that the full rights of membership will be retained, including the ability to vote.
  • The Rules are easier to read, with the separation of the Committees and Branches governance and operations from the Rules governing the National Trust operations.
  • The governance of the Committees and Branches will be set out in a new Charter to be approved by the Board, which will enable it to be updated easily to respond to changing Committee and Branch needs.
  • The method and requirements for voting on resolutions has been clarified, including how the vote will take place and the number of votes required to pass each resolution.
  • Updating the Board election process, with the option to provide additional information to assist members in the voting process.
  • Key definitions have also been included for terms such as Business Day and Financial Year.

In response to the engagement sessions on the Rules and feedback from members, further amendment was made to provide greater clarity to the Committee and Branches definitions, governance and roles. Following this update, the Board of the National Trust (NSW) resolved in May 2022 to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of Members on 20 August 2022.

We are convening the Extraordinary General Meeting in consideration of the revised National Trust Rules and if thought fit, adopt those Rules as the new Rules of the National Trust of Australia (NSW).


Key documents:

  1. Proposed National Trust (NSW) Rules
  2. Current National Trust (NSW) Rules
  3. NATIONAL TRUST RULES Proposed Amendments
  4. Proxy Appointment Form


We welcome members to review the documents. To receive a printed copy, please email rules@nationaltrust.com.au or visit National Trust Centre to inspect a copy of the Proposed rules.


For queries about these important changes:

Email – queries to rules@nationaltrust.com.au
Phone – 02 9258 0123

Members are invited to the National Trust (NSW)’s Extraordinary General Meeting. Click here

Following the General Meeting, the Board will adopt the Charters for the governance of the Committees and Branches of the Trust.