Winners of the 2017 Australian Marmalade Awards

The Champion marmalade makers for 2017.

Australia’s best marmalades were named and tasted on Sunday 3 September at Olivewood Homestead, Renmark, as part of the second annual Australian Festival of Marmalade.

More than 200 entries were received from across Australia, and even some from Europe, with separate competitions for artisan and home-made producers of marmalade.


Here are the Champion (Double gold) and Gold Award Winners of the 2017 Australian Marmalade Awards.

Artisan Entries                      Award                         Category                 Marmalade                       

Tarra Valley Foods                                                                   Double Gold                                                   Any Citrus                                                Grapefruit Marmalade
Tarra Valley Foods                                                                   Gold                                                                  Any Citrus                                                Two Fruit Marmalade
Tarra Valley Foods                                                                   Gold                                                                  With a Twist                                             Blood Orange and Vanilla
Tarra Valley Foods Pty Ltd                                                   Gold                                                                  Any Citrus                                                Cumquat Marmalade
Cunliffe and Waters                                                                 Gold                                                                  Any Citrus                                                Hand Cut Cumquat Marmalade
Cunliffe and Waters                                                                 Gold                                                                  Any Citrus                                                Mandarin Marmalade
Cunliffe and Waters                                                                 Gold                                                                  Any Citrus                                                Blood Orange and Ruby Grapefruit
Ugly Duck Preserves                                                               Gold                                                                  Seville Orange                                          Orange Marmalade
Larder and Spade                                                                     Gold                                                                  Seville Orange                                          Seville Orange Marmalade


Home-made Entries           Award                          Category                 Marmalade

Marika Freeman                                                                      Double Gold                                                    Gardener’s                                                 Orange Marmalade
Deborah Worthley                                                                  Gold                                                                    Gardener’s                                                 Lime (Tahitian)
Deborah Worthley                                                                  Gold                                                                    Gardener’s                                                 Poorman’s Orange
Carol Holden                                                                           Gold                                                                    Gardener’s                                                 Orange
Ken Bradley                                                                              Gold                                                                    Mr Marmalade                                        Chunky Breakfast Marmalade
Reuben Kooperman                                                               Gold                                                                   Mr Marmalade                                         Tangelo Cointreau Marmalade
Reuben Kooperman                                                               Gold                                                                   With A Twist                                            Seville Orange & Tasmanian Whisky
Martina Taeker                                                                       Gold                                                                    With A Twist                                           Sunrise Down Under Marmalade


Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to all entrants into this year’s competition.  The judges were amazed and impressed at the quality and variety of marmalades produced and entered into this fabulous annual event!

Jane Hasell-McCosh, founder of The International Marmalade Awards, has returned for this year’s judging in the Australian Marmalade Awards and has spent the day closeted with the other judges in the marmalade room at the National Trust property Beaumont House.

“I have had a remarkable time judging” she said “and today is a great day for marmalade and for Australia.  The standard is as good if not better than last year’s competition and the two double gold star winners are well deserved.  We will be watching with interest in the UK to see how these awards develop  and very much hope that people will consider entering the International competition. ”

“I am delighted with the result of this year’s Australian marmalade awards and announcing the result today I can only say this  is a great day for Australian Marmalade.  It has been interesting to discover where the marmalades have come from and that they are not all from South Australia but from other states and from outside the country.  There is a lot of magic in marmalade and this is only the beginning.”


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