Trust Office is Moving

The National Trust is Moving There will be a new tenant for Audit House As part of a grand plan to care for the historic Myilly Point Heritage Precinct the Trust is moving its head office into Audit House. Audit House was the first property acquired by the Trust in 1980 however, it remained tenanted by the Giese Family until the death of Nan Giese this year. It was then that the Trust reassessed its plans for the future of the Precinct. Moving the office into this iconic Territory building will ensure that it is well cared for into the future and that many more people will be able to enjoy its tropical ambiance. As part of the future plan for the Precinct the garden of Audit House will be progressively redeveloped to enhance the property. Cyclones, termites and age have taken their toll on the original plantings in the garden and a new more sustainable garden is planned. It may look a bit unloved at present but the community can be assured that it is being taken care of and a new and exciting project is underway at the House. Work has begun on the project and it is hoped that the office will be relocated to Audit House by the end of November. A special opening event is planned. Due to some unforeseen circumstances the move date had to be set back until February 2013.