Townsville Heritage Centre 30 years on

Townsville Heritage Centre founders reflect on 30 years of service to the National Trust Australia (Queensland)

While on a recent site visit to the Townsville Heritage Centre I noticed the commemorative plaque on Currawong House that marked the official opening of the Centre by then Governor-General Sir Ninian Stephen.

As I looked at the plaque and reflected on the dedication of the founders past Chair Townsville Branch, Dr Dorothy Gibson-Wilde and Bruce Gibson-Wilde, who I had been working with on a range of collections management projects over the past few days.

It was my last day on site and I realised exactly 30 years since the official opening!

Too good a photo opportunity to miss – so I rounded up Dorothy and Bruce and brought them to the plaque, so I could take a photograph.

It is reflecting of their mission-based focussed as they lead a team of approximately 20 dedicated volunteers onsite that they had not even realised it was 30 years since the official opening. The day had been full of activity at the centre with a school group visiting and being shown through Currajong House and the Workers Cottage. In addition, other volunteers had been working on keeping the garden looking impressive for a number of weddings scheduled for the venue in the months ahead.

It may be 30 years on since the Townsville Heritage Centre was opened – but there was no time for celebration and it was full speed ahead for Dorothy, Bruce and the team.