The Mill Manager’s House – Jarrahdale tourism opportunity

Media Release

The redevelopment of The Mill Manager’s House at Jarrahdale aligns closely with the tourism strategy released by the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale last year and will bring economic and social dividends to the town.

The Mill Manager’s House was built in 1881 when Jarrahdale was the site of the first major timber milling operations in Western Australia, playing a key role in the export of jarrah around the world making significant contributions to the State’s economic growth.

The timber industry started in the district in the 1870s with at least 15 steam mills at various locations over the years.

Timber was a key industry in Jarrahdale with most of the 600 or so people who lived in the town dependent either directly or indirectly on the timber industry. Milling officially ended in 1997.

‘This beautiful property is now rare as one of only a few surviving purpose built mill manager’s residences that remain in their original setting in Western Australia,’ said National Trust CEO Julian Donaldson. ‘We are very excited to have a new use that will activate the house and link into key tourism initiatives planned by the Shire.’

Significant renovations were carried out in the 1950s while the mill was still operational. Recent conservation works, supported by a Royalties for Regions Grant through the Peel Development Commission, also included community consultation sessions. A number of potential uses were proposed but building a sustainable business case was difficult.

The 2018 release by the Shire of their Tourism Strategy breathed life back into the process and the recent granting of a change of use from single house to holiday accommodation means there is now the option for The Mill Manager’s House to make a perfect spot to base yourself to stay and unwind in this beautiful area.

The recent works included conservation of the weatherboard cladding, structural repairs, new gutters and painting. Internal upgrades involved new bathrooms, kitchen and services. The timber framed garage and wash house were conserved and, with The Mill Manager’s House, paint a picture of life in the timber town.

The Mill Manager’s House will be open for inspection on Friday 13 March from 10.30am – 12pm. This will be a wonderful opportunity for locals and visitors alike to view the recent works, learn a little bit about the history of the building and the role it played in the timber industry as well as the new role it will play in the life of Jarrahdale.

For further information, please contact:

Micaela Pereira
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