Reopening dates for National Trust places

We’re getting ready to reopen National Trust places in the Perth Metro and Peel regions.

Based on government guidelines, we will begin our transition out of lockdown with properties reopening to the public from Saturday 1 May.

Below are the opening dates relevant to each property:

  • West Perth Office – Old Observatory, West Perth – Tuesday 27 April
  • East Perth Cemeteries, East Perth – Sunday 2 May
  • No 1 Pump Station, Mundaring – Saturday 1 May
  • Peninsula Farm, Maylands – Saturday 1 May
  • Samson House, Fremantle – Sunday 2 May
  • Woodbridge, near Guildford – Saturday 1 May

Please note that the National Trust does not operate any of the cafés at its properties. Please refer to the business owners of these cafés for information on their reopening and COVID-safe arrangements.

Australian Heritage Festival

We are in the process of rescheduling some National Trust events, so if you’re still waiting to hear from us, we will be in touch soon.

Other events may have been rescheduled and dates will be updated on the Australian Heritage Festival website. You can also contact individual event holders for details.

For further information, please contact:
National Trust of Western Australia
(08) 9321 6088

We look forward to seeing you soon and continuing our celebrations of Western Australia’s heritage.